Kyoritsu Transformer Power Meter

The Kyoritsu 6305 is a very easy to use power and energy logger, designed for use in both single phase and three phase electrical systems. Featuring a large LCD display with easy to read information presented in a clear and orderly manner, the Kyoritsu 6305 can monitor voltage, current, frequency and power in real time, or using an SD card, it can record these power parameters to it's removable memory card for download to a PC and with the KEW Windows software, intuitive reports can be created.

Offering comprehensive monitoring, the Kyorisu 6305 can also monitor and record energy consumption (active energy, reactive energy and apparent energy) as well as power factor. With the Android app, it is possible to remotely monitor the Kyoritsu 6305 in real time, via a Bluetooth link. The measurements can be displayed in either graphic or numeric forms on a smartphone or table using the Android platform, making it possible to check the measurements, without access to the Kyoritsu 6305.

The Kyoritsu 6305 is designed around it's simple operation. A rotary dial on the front panel of the instrument is rotated from the OFF position to the SET UP position, which allows the user to configure the Kyoritsu 6305 settings. Once done, a further click of the rotary dial to the WIRING CHECK position to check that all the connections are correct. This will allow the meter to check the current sensors and voltage leads, with the results of the wiring check being displayed in a simple format on the LCD screen, with either a GOOD or ERROR message. A further click of the rotary dial to the W/Wh/DEMAND position allows the meter to perform instantaneous measurements, or to be placed into record mode with a single press of the START/STOP button. At the end of the recording, the user simply rotates the dial to the next position which is DATA CHECK and downloads to a PC for analysis and reporting.

A number of different current sensors can be supplied with the Kyoritsu 6305, including flexible sensors and low current sensors, and other accessories, such as a self-powering adapter, which allows the meter to be powered from it's voltage connections are also available.


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